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Whether you’re a first time investor, expat, or free-roaming entrepreneur, EuroNerd is your go-to guide for all things European finance related. Stay ahead of the curve with our insights on investing, taxes, and business tools.

Brokerage Comparison

The most in-depth comparison of European stock brokerages available. Detailed fee information, account types, deposit and withdrawal methods.

Multi-Currency Accounts

Get a free or low-cost multi-currency online bank account for personal use or for your international business with no hidden fees or hocus pocus.

Our Starter Guides

Want to get started investing but have no idea where to begin? Too much information out there and not enough practical guidance from the European point of view? Our basic guides on how to invest in stocks and ETFs will give you a practical framework on building your own investment portfolio.

šŸ“š How to Buy ETFs in Europe

ETFs are a good option for long-term equity investments. In our ETF guide, we go through everything you need to know about this type of investment, including how they work, the benefits and drawbacks, and where to find the best ETFs for your portfolio.

šŸ“ How to Buy Stocks in Europe

Stocks are the traditional way to invest in companies. You can get dividend payments if the company is doing well, and they have the potential of delivering great returns. In our stock trading guide, we cover everything you need to know about investing in stocks.

Our Comparisons

Are you trying to figure out which broker or bank is best for you? Compare features and prices across a variety of services to find the one that makes the most sense for your needs.

Best web hosts

Web hosting in Europe

Our Country Guides

Do you want to relocate to another country or start a business there? Our comprehensive jurisdiction guides cover all you need to know about obtaining citizenship, residency, or starting a company in one of these tax-friendly European nations.

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  • How to Move to the UK
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